Kinesio Taping for Athletes

The Kinesio® Taping Method; Research Insight for Massage Therapists Servicing Athletes

The quest to manage pain is sought after by athletes around the globe who range from weekend warriors to professional athletes. As a Massage Therapist, we join that quest each time a client in pain walks through our door.

I have been in private practice since 1991. My specialties include Orthopedic and Pain Management Massage, Medical Massage and Sports Massage. If your practice focuses in similar areas, review the research below and learn why the Kinesio® Taping Method is a valuable tool for Massage Therapists servicing athletes.

I have found the research and the results my clients experience exciting. Review the findings and consider adding the Kinesio® Taping Method to your massage therapy toolbox .

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Bibliography: Kinesio® Taping in Massage Practice 

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About the Author:

Scott Korb, LMT, BCTBM, CKTI

Robert Paul “Scott” Korb is a licensed massage therapist specializing in Orthopedic and Pain Management Massage, Medical Massage, Sports Massage and Core Myofascial Release.  Scott is an approved continuing education provider through the NCBTMB as well as being a Board Certified Practitioner.  He has been an instructor and educator for over 15 years including instructing Sports Massage at an accredited massage school, providing continuing education seminars and is a certified CPR instructor.

Scott has been a CKTP since 2009.  He has been an avid user, promoter and enthusiast of the Kinesio Taping Method and the therapeutic benefits it provides.   Scott is active in his area and nationwide as a clinician and educator of the Kinesio Taping Method.  He became a CKTI in 2014.

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