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A practice that offers a spectrum of health maintenance services ranging from pain relief to emotional healing.

We are not a spa. We are not a big box massage store. We are specialists in the field of pain relief, recovery, and maintenance.

Vita Massage was founded in 1991. Scott Korb, owner, has been a massage therapist in private practice for 25 years.

Over 25 Years of Professional Experience at Our Fingertips

Vita Massage was founded in 1991. Scott Korb, owner, has been a massage therapist in private practice for 25 years. Over the course of his career, Scott Korb has become a well-respected authority in the field of Orthopedic and Pain Management, Medical and Sports Massage.

Have Confidence in Vita Massage as an Integral Part of Your Treatment Team

Take comfort in expert services that offer a holistic approach to healing pain both physically and emotionally. We walk with you step-by-step from injury prevention, to managing acute and chronic conditions, into maintenance of your optimal health and wellness.

Scott Korb - CKTI - Certified Kinesio Tape Instructor Interviews Dr. Bob Wilson After His Recovery From Quadruple Bypass Surgery

Scott utilized the Kinesio Tape Method and Dr. Wilson states “if they would have started Kinesio Taping while I was in the hospital, recovery would have been easier”.

Listen to all the benefits in the video and give us a call to learn how we can help you. 412-420-7183.


Our Deep Tissue Massage relieves fascia restrictions to reach “deep” muscle, ligament and tendon tensions.

Therapeutic Massage

This massage allows your therapist to target your health and wellness goals.


•       Sweedish Massage
•       Hot Stone Massage
•       Event Massage Therapists

Vita Massage is a trusted massage therapy partner in Pittsburgh providing remarkable results for our clients since 1991.

  • The company "Vita Massage " is wonderful & I'm so glad they were on your Wellist suggestions. Marcy & Scott couldn't have been more empathetic & more willing to provide a very individual service to my needs. Scott really listened to me on what I felt I could tolerate & what I wanted from the massage.
    Karen - Pittsburgh, PA
  • I found Vita Massage very easily and had possibly the best massage of my life! Jess is so talented - she is truly gifted in the field of massage!
    Holly - Pittsburgh, PA
  • The massage was wonderful! My therapist a professional with exceptional hands!
    Marty - Pittsburgh, PA
  • The therapeutic massages are amazing if you have tight muscles. If you're looking for a massage like no other, try this place.
    Anna - Sewickley, PA
  • I had lower back pain due to a degenerative condition in my spine. Scott has extensive massage training and is clearly knowledgeable about anatomy and physiology. In one session, he relieved my lower back pain. I plan to schedule routine massages with Scott to keep me pain free.
    Kevin - Pittsburgh, PA
  • I participate in the demanding sport of speed skating. Scott has a strong understanding of body mechanics and has worked with me on a consistent basis to improve flexibility and keep me injury free. Scott keeps me skating at my optimal level.
    John - Pittsburgh, PA
  • I'd like to join the chorus of people singing praises for Scott Korb - for having kept me running and fixed every injury I've ever had.
    Steve - Pittsburgh, PA
  • My experience at Vita Massage was excellent. The services my therapist Jessica provided was the best I've ever had. Mensha - Pittsburgh
    Mensha - Pittsburgh
  • Want to send a very special thanks to Jessica Dantzler-Henry, and Vita Massage. It may seem kind of odd for a therapeutic thank you here like, ” what’s this have to do with music?” but as many of my fellow rockers know, the physical demands of hanging heavy guitars or pounding the drums can break us down and painful performances deprive our supporters of our best. I had tried multiple things for relief with very little long term results. The techniques used here work, and Jessica is a trained expert at healing through them. Even for a quick tune up before a show I recommend it, especially after long travels. To be at our best, we accept the need too invest,; upgrading our equipment, maintenance, sharpening our craft through seminars or musical studies and I’ve learned in 8 months the value here of this investment. To KEEP ROCKING HARD and playing ROCK SOLID, invest in your body and get yourself FIXED…check out VITA MASSAGE! and ask for Jessica. Tony - Pittsburgh, PA

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