Sniper Disinfectant 16 oz Spray Bottle



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Sniper Disinfectant is A One of a Kind Product

Sniper disinfectant is 100% non-toxic and non-corrosive; no other true disinfectant can make this claim.

Sniper kills 99.999% of all viruses and bacteria, including coronavirus.

Sniper disinfectant complies with the CDC guidelines for disinfecting environments and mitigating liability in response to the Covid19 pandemic.

Application Information

  • No PPE Needed – The product is non-toxic and safe for use around humans and animals.
  • Spray and Walk Away – The product does not need to be wiped up saving man hours and labor costs. No other disinfectant can make this claim. It will not damage surfaces or equipment. It is non-corrosive.
  • Cost – Approximately 1 cent/ sq. foot when applied with a good electrostatic sprayer.
  • Time – It will take about one hour to cover 5,000 sq.ft. with 1st Place Science, using an electrostatic sprayer.
  • Coverage – 1 gallon covers appx 5000 sq. ft. when applied with a good electrostatic sprayer.
  • Frequency – The suggestion is that during high threat periods in high traffic spaces, your environment is disinfected 3 x/day. During low threat periods 1xdaily.
  • Technique – Point towards, not at, the ceiling. Spray in an ultra-low volume mist, let it fall like rain through the air and onto surfaces.  When applied with a good electrostatic sprayer, it will adhere to the top and bottom of surfaces.

Sniper as a Sanitation Product

Disinfectant and Sanitizer in One Product!

Sniper disinfectant can be diluted 6 to 1 (water to formula) and it becomes a peerless sanitizer and deodorizer. Neutralizes all odors (including skunk), without masking the odor; it changes the molecular composition of the offending odor.

Who Is Using Sniper?

Sniper is purchased and used by Ace Hardware, American Air Lines, El Al Airlines, Advent Hospital Health System, Walmart, Government of China (1 million gallons purchased to disinfect Coronavirus), Government of Israel and many others.


Sniper EPA Registration # 71700-2-92519



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