So often we learn from our clients that massage therapy is the last stop on their wellness journey.
 People decide to give massage a try simultaneous to resigning themselves to live in pain or give up on athletic goals. 
When you experience acute/chronic pain or sustain an injury, it often sets a course for extended periods of diminished physical and emotional health. 
You may feel as if your life and goals have been stolen away from you.
Once active and vibrant, has given way to trying to make it through a day. 

Reclaim your life at Vita Massage!

 You will experience why the focus of our practice is Orthopedic, Pain Management, Medical and Sports Massage.
 We are the leaders in Bluffton and Hilton Head Island Massage services to help you regain your optimal health and wellness, keep you on the road moving toward your goals and simply maintaining your best life ever.

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Mobile Massage Therapy
Residential and Corporate Services!


Scott Korb - CKTI - Certified Kinesio Tape Instructor Interviews Dr. Bob Wilson After His Recovery From Quadruple Bypass Surgery

Scott utilized the Kinesio Tape Method and Dr. Wilson states “if they would have started Kinesio Taping while I was in the hospital, recovery would have been easier”. Listen to all the benefits in the video and give us a call to learn how we can help you. 412-496-0361.

A practice that offers a spectrum of health maintenance services ranging from pain relief to emotional healing.

We are not a spa. We are not a big box massage store. We are specialists in the field of pain relief, recovery, and maintenance.

Over 25 Years of Professional Experience at Our Fingertips

Vita Massage was founded in 1991. Scott Korb, owner, has been a massage therapist in private practice for 25 years. Over the course of his career, Scott Korb has become a well-respected authority in the field of Orthopedic and Pain Management, Medical and Sports Massage.

Vita is a Trusted Partner of Your Treatment Team

Are you new to massage? Pain is personal and everyone responds differently to what they are experiencing.  
Would you like a partner to walk with you step-by-step from injury prevention, to managing acute and chronic conditions, into maintenance of your optimal health and wellness? 
Take comfort in knowing that massage offers a holistic approach to healing pain both physically and emotionally and Vita Massage is your trusted partner.

At Vita, we look at each person as a whole and have in depth knowledge and understanding of anatomy and physiology. 
Often clients are not aware that the site of pain is the symptom, not the root cause of their problem.
Our approach is customized to each client and their health and wellness needs and goals.
 This holistic, customized approach, coupled with the extensive education and experience of our owner, allow us to identify, reach and alleviate the root cause of your pain.

You have suffered long enough! 
You do not have to resign yourself to battle pain each day. 
Learn how Vita utilizes Orthopedic and Pain Management Massage to journey with you to your optimal health and wellness. 

Massage Therapy McMurray, PA


Our Deep Tissue Massage relieves fascia restrictions to reach “deep” muscle, ligament and tendon tensions.

Massage Therapy Cervical Pain


This massage allows your therapist to target your health and wellness goals.


Vita Massage is a trusted massage therapy partner in Bluffton and Hilton Head Island, SC providing remarkable results for our clients since 1991.

Vita Massage provides traditional massage, as well as, utilizing advanced techniques through Kinesio Taping and ACE Massage Cupping.  Did you know... we also do mobile massage working in corporate/office settings, sporting venues, and provide in home services?  Do you want to reward employees or show them the benefits of a healthy lifestyle? Vita Massage can come to you!  Do athletes on your team need care off the field? Vita Massage can come to service athletes on location around the Bluffton and Hilton Head Island areas! Simply want care at home? We are mobile and can provide your massage services in the comfort of your home.  Call Now to Schedule an Appointment! 412-496-0361