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The CranioCradle is an easy-to-use home therapy system that encourages joints to decompress and cramped tense muscles to gently release.

By following the Basic 3-Step CranioCradle System, you can relax tired tense muscles, relieve nagging aches, pains and fatigue and restore your body to a deep state of calm.

It is designed to be placed under the back of your head, neck and body at specific locations in a specialized way.

The CranioCradle creates a positive effect on the central nervous system allowing your body to discover its natural healing potential.

4 Ways to Use the CranioCradle Under the Head and Neck

Stillness Position: Use to promote deep relaxation, ease stress, anxiety and tension. This application helps with insomnia

Base: Use to ease muscle aches of the head, neck & shoulders. This application helps when you have head in a forward position for extended periods typical when working at computers, driving, etc. It aids in returning the c-curve to the neck and alleviates headaches.

Rock-n-Cradle: Used to stretch tight muscles of the head & neck. It provides good traction at the base of the head that helps to alleviate headaches too.

Under the Occipital Base: Place the vertical peaks, pointed toward the feet , underneath the base of your head where the head & neck meet. Use for only 1 minute or less. Eases the strain of tight, tense muscles of the head and neck.


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