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We recognize our partners commitment to seeking out integrative health services and referring others to experience the healing benefits that expert massage therapy can bring to their health and wellness journeys. Preferred Partners are companies and organizations that recognize Vita Massage as experts in the massage industry referring their employees, colleagues and coworkers to our practice. Benefits of being a Vita Massage Preferred Partner include a 10% discount for all referrals made from your company or organization, employees, colleagues and coworkers know you value their health and wellness and keep you top-of-mind outside of their regular engagement, and you are recognized on our website as a Preferred Partner making you a leader in your profession dedicated to seeking Complementary and Alternative Therapies that provide a natural approach to healing. Benefits for employers include decreased absenteeism, greater company appreciation, increased employee retention, improved employee morale and productivity and lower insurance costs. Benefits to employees include reduced stress and anxiety, reduced headaches and fatigue, lower blood pressure and increased immune system. We welcome you to contact us to explore becoming a Preferred Partner of Vita Massage.

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