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New Year’s Resolution Recipe for Success

The New Year is almost here. We will count down , watch the ball drop and 45% of Americans will make New Year’s resolutions. How many will keep their resolution you ask? Only 8% see their resolutions through to success. Let’s increase that percentage this year by following a recipe for success.

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Make a Plan

This year set your resolution before the big night. Be committed to your goal right from the start by taking the time to decide what change you want to bring about in 2018. Get a journal and on the first page write what your resolution is. Continue writing in your journal throughout your resolution journey.

Set Attainable Goals

So often with a new year in front of us and 12 whole months to make that difference, we set resolutions that are not realistic. If you truly want to attain a goal in 2018, make sure that you are being realistic. Give it the thoughtful time needed to determine if you can really do it or if you should adjust the goal. Many goals can be broken down into smaller bites. One example would be weight loss. Focus on reaching a series of smaller goals instead of all 50 pounds at once. Make your resolution attainable.

Plan to be Side-Tracked

Life is so busy and we often get off track. Expecting it to happen allows you the opportunity to have a game plan for getting back on track. During your resolution thought process, visualize yourself getting off-track. Identify what your road blocks might be. Determine before you begin what you will do to realign with your goal.

Don’t Sabotage Yourself

This happens more often than we think. Once you have a goal you feel comfortable with, keep positive. If we put a nickel in a jar every time our negative self chatter over takes us, we might all be wealthy. It takes conscious effort to remain positive in what we think, what we say and what we do. Remember every action begins with a thought so keep your thoughts positive and it will help you stay the course.

Accountability Matters

I find that when I don’t tell people something it feels less real. If only you know, then it doesn’t seem to matter as much or can be easily dismissed. With that in mind, share your resolution with someone who will help keep you on track in a gentle and kind way.

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